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Here for any question!

Welcome to HappyTunes, here you can find frequently asked questions by customers, for any further assistance don't hesitate to contact us at any given time :)


How long will it take?

All of our orders are ready in a period of up to 72H, Although it usually takes less.

Can i hear the song before?

Unfortunately no , every song takes time and effort to bring to life, however the lyrics will be sent for approval before.

You can check out our examples page to get to idea of the song.

What if i don't like my song?

We will do anything to make you satisfy , even if it means by creating a whole new song for you from scratch.

How will you deliver my song?

Your song will be sent in MP3 file to the email you provided in your checkout.

Can i select the genre for my song?

Of course! on order page just mark the genre you would like from the different options.

Didnā€™t find your answer?

Don't hestitate to contact us